Spoon - I Turn My Camera On

"a song a day keeps the doctor away."

Chromeo - Jealous

"a song a day keeps the doctor away."

Part of Florian Beaudenon's Instant Life series.


Time Slice by Richard Silver

The idea behind the “Time Sliced” Project was to photograph iconic world buildings at sunset and capture the changing light from day to night in a single image. Experimenting with a few different kinds of processes I came up with the “Sliced” idea. I decided to Slice time and light showing the progression of the day from left to right.


Nationalpark Unteres Odertal (by dodger regdod)


Ancient Art of Stone by Andreas Kunert & Naomi Zettl

HAIM - The Wire

"a song a day keeps the doctor away."



nature is rad

These are the most stunning nature photos I have ever seen

You see? There are still faint glimmers of civilization left in this barbaric slaughterhouse that was once known as humanity. Indeed, that’s what we provide in our own modest, humble, insignificant… Oh, fuck it.

Walk Off the Earth - Red Hands

"a song a day keeps the doctor away."

Title: Cool Kids
Artist: Echosmith
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Echosmith - Cool Kids


By Anna Aniskina


Mark Laita Photography

Echosmith - Cool Kids

"a song a day keeps the doctor away."


Andy Goldsworthy - Stones sinking in sand Morecambe Bay, Lancashire, March 1976.